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QR Mobile Pay services manage the movement of money securely and simply through mobile devices.


QR Mobile Pay transactions are easy to setup, manage and execute and are completed within seconds.


Using proprietary QR Code technology, QR Mobile Pay codes are secure and encrypted to combat fraud and ensure transfers are safe for both sender and recipient.


Transfer money, pay an invoice, and buy items instantly, wherever you are, with a simple scan of a QR code.

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Features of QR Mobile Pay Services

Text Message Updates

All QR Mobile Pay transactions are tracked and the sender and recipient are updated via text message every step of the way via our proprietary SMS backbone.

Secure and Reliable

The QR Mobile Pay technology platform is encrypted and secure.  Each QR Mobile Pay code is non-transferable and can only be unlocked with a single use PIN code.  All transactions are safe for both the sender and the recipient.

ISO Compliant

QR Mobile Pay products meet or exceed industry standards for financial service companies.  They are ISO compliant and the most secure in the industry. Don’t be fooled, not all QR codes are created equally!

Redemption Locations

QR Mobile Pay continues to expand its redemption location network to provide convenient retail and ATM locations throughout the United States.


QR Mobile Pay solutions allow businesses to market, sell, collect, and transfer funds using mobile devices. Using encrypted QR Codes, transactions are secure and combat fraud.  QR Mobile Pay services also provide and analyze up-to-the-minute data about customers and how they use the services.  This level of customer engagement information and analytics is not available through other technologies.



QR Mobile Pay™ services send money to friends and family and make secure and private purchases.   Cash can be transferred in a matter of minutes from any computer, tablet or smartphone, at the most affordable rates in the industry.  Purchases can be easily made using any mobile device and provide enhanced security features preventing identity theft and fraud. how much weight do you have to lose before bariatric surgery lose weight fast with detox water bodybuilding lean out meal plan muscle gain fat loss workout plan why am i gaining muscle and losing weight weight loss program home best diet to build muscle fast using a gluten free diet to lose weight can you lose weight swimming while pregnant healthy weight loss muscle building diet